Hawa Mahal


How many windows are in your house? Probably not as many as the Hawa Mahal, the window for the women.

The palace was constructed in 1799, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The Mahal is known for its windows, history and beauty. It includes 935 windows. Why so many windows? Well, to fully understand, you must understand what Hawa Mahal is in english. Hawa means wind and Mahal means palace, together it’s the Wind palace.

As the wind flew, the women gazed the streets. The Hawa Mahal  was initially built for the royal women. Since, in those days women were not allowed to roam the streets freely, the king hired Lal Chand Ustad. This way the women could experience, attend and enjoy the street festivals.

The Wind palace is five-stories tall and has an exterior honeycomb pattern. As I mentioned before, Lal Chand was hired to build to Hawa Mahal. He made the bricks a red sandy colour, therefore the Hawa Mahal would match the other monuments in the city. This is why you might have heard the phrase Pink City (that’s what they call Jaipur).

Much lies in the heart of the world, but the heart lies in the Hawa Mahal.




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