Top 5 creation/discoveries made by Indians

indian-flag-collageOur world depends on creations/discoveries from the past or the present. We are learning new stuff every day! Life would be extremely tough without the internet, our smartphones, electricity and much more. Nobody pays attention to the creators of these necessities. Many important contributions come from India. In this post, I will report on five India creations/discoveries that have an importance in our world.



Before you start to argue with my choices, placements, reasoning, etc, hear me out. I chose five very important and interesting creations/discoveries that were created by Indians. At a first glance, these creations might not seem very Indian. It’s mandatory that these creations/discoveries have an impact on our society today. They don’t have to be the most mind-blowing. The impact should be positive and be helping. Enough rules, let’s get started!



Herbal shampoo – #5Image result for herbal shampoo

Very first on the list is herbal shampoo. Shampoo cleans your hair, gives it a nice smell and makes it perfect. Without it, your hair would be a disaster. In India, women used herbal shampoo (not the regular shampoo we use today) to cleanse their hair. In ancient India, they made their hair cleansers by extracting the essence from the herbs. With some preparation and work, you have some herbal shampoo at your service. This shampoo helps in the growth of your hair and once used, it leaves the hair shiny, soft and manageable.  Never knew that shampoo had such an intricate history.


Cotton cultivation – #4Image result for cotton cultivation

Coming in at number four is cotton cultivation. This use of cotton was worldly created, but the Indians have the first record of using it. In those time, an Indian created a machine that took out the seeds from the cotton. This made it easier to use the cotton in creating clothes.  

Cotton was and is such an importance to people. Till this day, cotton is widely used and it has a great impact on us even today.


Chess – #3Image result for chess india

Coming in at number three is chess. A strategic game that may be hard for some, but not for the Indians, as they are the creators. Chess was brought in the 6th century (A.D). Chess was created during the Gupta empire’s time. It spread to the Persians. Once the Arabs took over the Persians, chess was spread to the Muslims. From there people believe that it spread to Europe and so on.

In ancient India, chess was called, Chaturanga. That means the four divisions, this is how the pieces were created. Infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry signify the pawns, knights, bishops, and rooks. It involves thinking, strategies and patience. Chess is not as important as the Taj Mahal (speaking of it, HERE is one of my post about the Taj), but it’s a game that went through history and time. It gives us some enjoyment in boring times.


Water on the moon – #2 Image result for water on the moon

One of a more recent discovery by an Indian was the discovery of water on the moon. On September 27, 2009, an Indian spacecraft (Chandrayaan-1) found the existence of water on the moon. Many countries have been searching into this, but India was the first to prove this.

Chandrayaan-1 was launched to Shackleton Crater, a crater on the south pole of the moon. The outer is exposed to sunlight, while the other part is in the depths of shade. It those depths, was where they found icy water.

On the Chandrayaan-1, there is a feature called, Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3). This found the existence of hydrogen in multiple sections on the moon. They found that under the shadowed areas, there is an estimate of 600 million metric ton of icy water. Indians brought our world a leap forward in the discoveries of our universe.

    If you want a more scientific look at this, HERE is a very fascinating report by NASA.  


Zero – #1Image result for zero india

Coming in at number one is zero. Zero has a very interesting case, it was said to be created in Ancient India, Babylon, and the Mayan Civilization. Many say that it all come back to the Indians and they were the first to have created it. Zero came around the year of 458 A.C, the days when math equations were chanted instead of written. In 682, an Indian astronomer and mathematician (Brahmagupta) created a symbol for zero, tiny dot beneath numbers. Brahmagupta constructed equations using zero, ways to get to zero and using zero in an equation. That was when zero was considered its own number and a symbol.

India got such credit as they use it correctly. Over the centuries, zero spread into the world. Zero is extremely important to us when we use it. It is a part of our counting system and a signification of nothing in the mathematical sense. Without the creation of zero, maybe math wouldn’t be so complicated. 


Our world has been striving. But, the world would be incomplete without these creations. 




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