Indian vs American schools

Oh, school. The place where tears are shredded, friends are made, tests are done, pencils have disappeared, etc. Many people know the main reason for school, and that is to teach children. Every part of the world has different their own teaching system. What are the differences and similarities? In this post, I will be comparing Indian schools to American schools in terms of knowledge.

Let’s start off with, India. Indians are known for being smart doctors. They probably have that reputation, since they have high academic rates (which they get from school). Indian schools treat their students like sponges. They will make them absorb as much information as possible. This can answer why they are so good at math, science, etc. They push the children to higher levels, therefore they can always learn more. They teachImage result for indian schools with discipline, so the children are ready for the future, where nothing is a perfect palace. Even though Indian schools teach great quantities of knowledge, they lack Image result for indian schoolsthe ability to teach character traits, sociality, etc. All these traits are supposed to be learned by yourselves. But, Indian schools are doing their job since they are well known for their discoveries and accomplishments (for more Indian discoveries, visit THIS post by me).

Off to America, we go. Americans are the total opposite. In America, schools teach their students character traits, sociality, etc. They are “softer” than most Indians. There isn’t much discipline on these students. They explore more. The students spend a lot of time learning these Image result for american schoolsImage result for american schoolstraits, that when they are exposed to other fields, they must pick them up fast. This is why people across the world claim that Americans are dumb and not as smart as Asians. This depends on the student themselves. In the end, Americans might be less educated in terms of knowledge (but it strongly depends on the student and if they can pick up this knowledge fast), but they are more social and understand better.

Schools all over the world are divergent. They try to teach the same thing, but some more than others. Who was the winner of this battle? Was it the sponge brain Indians or the understanding Americans?

DISCLAIMER **No matter what education you receive, it’s always a gift that we should never take advantage of. Kids across the world complain every morning, but they don’t realize that there’s another side to the world. Many kids don’t get to go to school, but they want to badly. Respect education.**


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